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The right solutions will help you grow your pharmacy and improve patient care. For two generations, we at BestRx have studied the unique requirements of independent pharmacy owners, staff, and patients. A new customer birthday program has also been implemented as a way to encourage repeat business. Capitalize on Word-of-Mouth Marketing Photo by Christina Morillo on The problem may not have been with the idea of advertising for your pharmacy but with where you placed your advertisement. They focused their attention on boosting employee engagement, implementing specialty pharmacy niches and revamping marketing. By working with a distributor that offers. there are many aspirant research choosing this way to become an entrepreneur of the future. Lester helps his clients increase patients and profits in spite of the 3rd party payment fiasco. If your pharmacy has the same layout as five years ago, you’re overdue for an update. They just needed more guidance, so Lisa and John recommended turning what had been monthly birthday parties into “team meetings”, so everybody was able to collaborate on a vision, goals, marketing strategies and other tools needed to run the business more efficiently. They launched a Thank You program for sending letters to first-time patients welcoming them to the pharmacy and explaining customer benefits. His pharmacy offers patients an anticoagulant service and a sexual health service. The other Ritzman locations will close, with the exception of Ritzman Pharmacy at NEOMED, which will continue operations. Let us know in the comments or submit your essay to inspire others. That way you can increase the number of attendees and … Six Ideas to Help Your Independent Pharmacy Provide Better Care. If you are planning to open a Pharmacy Shop and if you are looking for a name for that shop then you are in the right place. Maybe even ones who live in your area but have never heard of your business. TelePharm Headquarters 123 N Linn Street, 2F Iowa City, IA 52245. Offering insight, wisdom, and strategy, Lester is an esteemed voice in pharmacy business. Avoid simply touting the benefits of your independent pharmacy and instead reserve communications for when you want to let them know about valuable and innovative pharmacy ideas like special events or information. Not only should you attend other events, you should host health related events at your pharmacy whenever relevant. Check out our complete list of team names for pharmacy teams. I have separated these names into categories, from catchy to cool to cute. Presentations on staying healthy during flu season, health screenings, support group meetings or any other type of gathering where you provide. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Host events at your pharmacy. Tom’s entrepreneurial spirit and desire to succeed inspired him to become a PDS member and begin making baby steps toward his dream. At pharmacy chains, 19% of customers found that a prescription wasn’t ready and 21% experienced long waits. The problem may not have been with the idea of advertising for your pharmacy but with where … Santa Mail You can also find us on FacebookTwitterLinkedIn Google+, Your email address will not be published. However, there are many other things you can do to increase business, including improving patient and physician relationships, offering ancillary services and providing exceptional levels of customer service. The last thing to remember is that unique business names can’t totally make or break any business, but they definitely can have a powerful impact. you can purchase discounted pharmaceuticals that will improve your margins and allow you to offer much better discounts to your customers. Our guide on starting a pharmacy covers all the essential information to help you decide if this business is a good match for you. The area wasn’t growing and his pharmacy had to compete with eight other pharmacies, including a Walgreens and a Walmart. While discounts should not be your first or only form of independent pharmacy marketing ideas, they can be a great way to get customers in the door or up-sell existing customers. Test out these 11 independent pharmacy marketing ideas and use the ones that work best for you. 1. . Contact. As a result of implementing new programs, improving team engagement and boosting marketing efforts, overall pharmacy sales increased by 19% and prescriptions filled were up 7%. Press / Media He will continue developing specialty programs, marketing, employee engagement and financial data usage; however, setting new goals and tracking the progress of his stores in each of these areas will remain his main focus in 2015. Tom Choquette agrees that one of the greatest lessons he has learned as a PDS member is that measuring everything is the key to success. Our Team Zach Freed: Yeah. The right name acts as a foundation on which you will build your business. As Jim says in the interview, independent pharmacies have a unique set of relationships with their customers that big chains like CVS might not. Partner with doctors’ offices, office managers and community health organizations to offer deals and trade arrangements. While newspapers and similar print materials may seem logical, they aren’t targeted enough. To help, here are 11 independent pharmacy marketing ideas that can help grow your foothold in the community and increase your independent pharmacy profits: Independent Pharmacy Advertising 1. They worked together on sharing ideas, problem solving, and creating new concepts, all of which are standard practices at our company today. See more ideas about marketing, social media, social media infographic. On top of the new technology, Tom’s team implemented customer service programs for building stronger relationships with the patients. Partner with Local Businesses and Influencers, Not only should you attend other events, you should host health related events at your pharmacy whenever relevant. Here are a few ways to grow your independent pharmacy right now. These five unique businesses are proof that you can find prosperity, even in a market that may not have even existed when you first had your idea. We will always work with you—for you and your software needs. His best hope was to continue to grow, in spite of mail-order services and declining reimbursements. We're in an area of the country where the independent pharmacy still thrives, so there are many. But the daily pressures of running a pharmacy can make fulfilling that mission a bit challenging at times. After the initial discovery call, Coach John Marshall and Implementation Specialist Lisa Baker identified 3 main improvement opportunities and deployed a comprehensive plan for getting Bert’s Pharmacy where Tom wanted it to be. After the list of names, I reveal the 8 Vital Do’s and Don’ts of Naming Your Pharmacy, the Greatest Pharmacy Slogans Ever Created and vital statistics you need to know about the pharmacy industry.. Catchy Pharmacy Names Compared to, say, a CVS? And while you’re limiting your browsing by price, you won’t be limited on selection, because we have gifts under $25 for everyone on your list: foodies, geeky gadget lovers, wine fans, jewelry-lovers, gardeners, moms, dads, siblings, and friends of all kinds. Our pharmacy has saved a significant amount of money in just a few months of using them as a distributor. It’s difficult to know how to promote your pharmacy with so much competition. Consistent access to needed medicines. Once you’ve collected a customer’s email or address, don’t be shy about sending them pharmacy marketing materials if they will find them valuable. The largest, most experienced publisher in the UK pharmacy sector. But also host community functions that have nothing to do with health. If you usually enter through the back door, walk in the front door like customers and take a fresh look at the first impression your pharmacy makes. Instead, put your advertisements up on community boards or other areas you know your ideal customer will see them, or send your pharmacy marketing materials directly to your target customers. 1 “Profits Up Again for Independent Pharmacy Owners,” Adam J. Fein, Drug Channels, Dec. 2, 2014. They’re also able to be more nimble. Don’t pay for broad advertisements. Check out “The 7-Step Blueprint To Get Customers To Switch To Your Independent Pharmacy.”, "SaveBigRX offers great deals on many popular generic and even brand medications. So, how are independent pharmacies like Jim’s better able to serve their communities, in a situation like this? Customers can go anywhere to get their prescription medications, why should they come to you? Instead, spend money on Google Adwords or Facebook Ads which can be targeted specifically by interests, searches and – most importantly – geographic location. Careers Create information packets that you can give away for free that include information about specific medications or more general pharmacy marketing materials that cover overall health. In addition to encountering fewer delays, Consumer Reports also mentioned that independent pharmacy customers encountered fewer medication mix-ups than those who shopped elsewhere. Yeah. Browse through team names to find funny team terms and cool team names. For those who attended the Independent Pharmacy Business Growth Conference in Orlando – there were so many big ideas shared and worth implementing into real-world pharmacy strategies. 3. For stores that are closing, patient files will be transferred to a nearby CVS/pharmacy store. Amish Patel believes that considering local needs is one major advantage that independent pharmacies have over multiples. These Are the Best Innovative Pharmacy Ideas for Independent Retail Pharmacies You don’t have to look far to find innovative pharmacy business ideas. Coming up with innovative pharmacy marketing ideas is important for setting yourself apart from other independent pharmacies. Top Five Independent Pharmacy Trends for 2017 By McKesson January 17, 2017 The aggressive drive to generate more value from the $3.2 trillion health care delivery system in the U.S. is changing the way each stakeholder in the system provides services to patients. Check out, “The 7-Step Blueprint To Get Customers To Switch To Your Independent Pharmacy.”, 11 Independent Pharmacy Marketing Ideas That Actually Work. The value you bring customers isn’t just in the prescription medications you sell. Additionally, John and Lisa emphasized the need to measure the progress in order to improve the results – because there is no change without measuring. Here are pharmacy name ideas from the generator: Blackstone Medical Inc; Precision Surgical Inc; Elijah Stawicki; Cornerstone Hosp Of Southeast AZ; Pharmacy Management Corp; Edit Trix; West Shore Pharmacy; Potomac Valley Pharmacy Inc; Drug World Of Cold Springs Llc; Po Box 33; Media Management Group; Rxperts Pharmacy NJ Inc; Oscarcorp; Follansbee Pharmacy; Central Pharmacy You may have tried independent pharmacy advertising in the past and failed to see a return. It is recommended to use textbooks (both online and offline), articles and other sources that deal with scientific explanations and review your topic from the most debatable side. You can even create a unique staff greeting to use when interacting with customers to help reinforce your pharmacy’s brand. As a result, Tom’s team became more productive and he was able to expand by hiring a marketing director and a store manager. Hence, try to assess several options and spend enough time and energy to come up with a unique business name. Find the perfect funny term for your team. Even in a dire landscape, your pharmacy can thrive given the right tools and ideas to propel your business forward. It’s a place where people can find convenience products, supplements, food, souvenirs and other household items. Maximizing your independent pharmacy profits once customers are in the store requires you to improve the way your shelves and counter displays draw the customer’s eyes. Fax: 888-402-5253. I've included plenty of examples of people just like you, CRUSHING it with a location-independent online business. Print Advertising. FPN provides its members a platform to exchange ideas and work cooperatively to help independent pharmacies remain profitable in a competitive marketplace. But when those once-in-a-lifetime ideas strike, your window to act may be small. Apr 30, 2014 - Information & Ideas on how you can utilize and build upon Social Media efforts for your Pharmacy Business. Be sure to host pharmacy and health-related events. Looking for more advertising ideas for your pharmacy? CONTACT US; To reach our Customer Service Team, call 800-935-5483. Are you looking for the best team name? The Akron, Berlin, and Shreve locations will be converted to CVS/pharmacy stores. Here are the 250 most unique pharmacy names of all-time. PDSspeaks Referral rewards can be anything from a discount to free merchandise. A pharmacy is so much more than just a place to fill prescriptions. A referral program is a great way to reward customers for referring friends to the store and spreading the word about your pharmacy. 1. Learn More. Use events to raise awareness about your independent pharmacy. Once you have a loyal customer base, use them to drive your other independent pharmacy marketing ideas. Company Overview Test your pharmacy ads samples with small investments first and tweak them until they are giving you the return you’re looking for. So look no further for unique gifts and don’t forget to … Any local 5k races, parades, farmers markets or other community events – especially health related ones – are good things to sponsor, volunteer or simply attend and meet people. Learn about the day-to-day activities of a pharmacy owner, the typical target market, growth potential, startup costs, legal considerations, and more! Healthcare is a crucial necessity and right of every individual. This idea prompted Tom to launch an immunization program at several schools in the area and, as a result, Bert’s Pharmacy went from giving no flu shots in 2011 to giving 1,300 in 2014. Ryan Yanicko Cannon Pharmacy. For other pharmacy ideas, businesses and influencers in your community can be great ways to get the word out using trusted members of the community. These 71 ideas will deliver all the inspiration you need to start making money online in 2020. Pharmacy Team Names 2020 What were the most impactful strategies your pharmacy implemented that have produced powerful, measurable and tangible results? Use large displays and provide additional information about product benefits on the shelves to help them see the value in products they may not have entered the store to buy. All pharmacies have the same primary business model, which is filling patient drug prescriptions. In fact, here are 15 innovative pharmacy ideas you can use to set your pharmacy apart from the competition right away. As a tech-savvy entrepreneur, Tom understood the importance of incorporating technology into his marketing plan. We are happy to share their success stories with you. For those who attended the Independent Pharmacy Business Growth Conference in Orlando – there were so many big ideas shared and worth implementing into real-world pharmacy strategies. In January 2014, Tom Choquette of Bert’s Pharmacy bought out a business partner of 31 years and addeda second location to his existing pharmacy in rural Nebraska. Have you been thinking about implementing a new program or service in your pharmacy but have no idea where to start? Before settling on the research topic ideas, you have to make sure there is enough information for you to model the main body of your paper. 1. In addition to the improved sales and prescription numbers, Bert’s Pharmacy raised enough funds to expand one of its stores into a bigger location. By McKesson May 07, 2018 Your mission as an independent pharmacy is to provide the best care to your patients. He also added a text messaging service that notified customers when their prescriptions were ready, and the Rx-to-go app with Internet refill capabilities. Knowing the most effective ways to increase sales of these items will pay off with a healthy bottom-line for your independent pharmacy. Subscribe to our blog to receive PDS news and updates! It’s difficult to know how to promote your pharmacy with so much competition. Problem: Only about 30% of adults have an Advance Care Plan (ACP) expressing their wishes for end-of-life care.CBS reported that Medicare spent $55 billion on doctors’ and hospital bills during the final two months of patients’ lives, and that “20 to 30 percent of these medical expenses may have had no meaningful impact.” A powerhouse in the world of independent pharmacy, Lester offers free business resources for Pharmacy Owners on his website, ThePharmacySage.com. While we can’t cover every concept presented at the event, in the coming weeks, we will be publishing a series of blog posts to lay out our view of the most actionable independent pharmacy ideas that were turned into real tangible results. In addition to providing quality vaccines, Tom and his team implemented an educational program to keep school staff members up-to-date on all vaccinations they needed, including DPT, Pneumovax and Zostavax. At the PDS conference, Tom heard many successful pharmacy entrepreneurs emphasize the importance of developing a “specialty” area to expand revenue streams. That’s why you opened your doors. Your email address will not be published. PDS Super-Conference In a short few months, he revamped his website and created a Facebook page to stay in touch with current patients as well as attract new business. Ritzman Pharmacy has been acquired by CVS. Required fields are marked *. If you’re looking for online business ideas, you’re in the right place. Federation of Pharmacy Networks Unique Solutions For Independent Pharmacy. Another way to work with local businesses and meet new people is to get involved with community events.

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